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Teacher Appreciation Wednesday

5 key reasons why we should continue to appreciate Teacher’s :

1. There are over 80 million teachers in the world

Instructors, teachers, professors, tutors, learning coordinators are among the many people that have chosen the teaching profession to help others learn. Their daily work in kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and academic institutions all over the world is founded on great rigor, hard work, patience and dedication to ensure that their students can become the best they can be.

2. They open a world of possibility and make learning FUN!

It’s not unusual for teachers to suddenly sing, dance, or take part in silly activities to show that learning something new can be fun. These are things they do for us and not necessarily because they like it. It just reflects their own creativity.

3. Teachers help us see things through

A personal lesson I learned from my teachers was to never give up.

Whether it was my Mathematics teacher in college who told me I would not get the grades needed, or my University professor who taught me that I could achieve great things if only I put my mind to it, they both inspired me to keep moving on.

I am certain that I am not the only one who has been inspired by a teacher in such a manner. Many among us have encountered teachers during the most formative periods in our lives and as a result, they have had a significant impact on our career and life choices.

Whether you wanted to prove the teacher you disliked ‘wrong’ or show the fruits of your hard labour to the one that always encouraged you, teachers have us made us see things through.

4. Teaching (and learning) never stops

Teaching and learning takes place in many forms. The rapid growth of the Internet and technology has given us a lot of digital instruments to ensure that teaching and learning continues long after we have left the traditional school building.

The ever growing availability of online learning material like video, audio, massive open online university courses and teacher’s lesson plans as well as the rise of newer learning formats such as online tutoring, GIF and code, has caused a true democratization of teaching and learning with the potential to provide access to high quality education for all.

5. They take pride in the little things their students accomplish and the milestones they achieve.

They celebrate student accomplishments and although teachers know they only have their students for a short period of time, they are proud to see them succeed and move on. 


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