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Benefits of an internship

Just having a good degree is no longer enough to secure that all important graduate job offer in todays world. Work experience is now just as valuable as academic achievements  As a result, internships have become an essential way to help candidates stand out

Here are some benefits we have listed

  • Hands-on experience – You’ll acquire some great transferable skills that will be useful no matter where you end up after the internship
  • A taste of a potential career path – Think of your internship as a no-strings opportunity to try working in an industry you think you might enjoy, without the commitment of a long-term employment contract
  • Useful connections – You’re guaranteed to meet lots of new people who could come in useful when you’re applying for jobs in the future. You might find someone to become your mentor, and if you make a good impression you could get a shining reference out of it
  • Experience for your CV – While your degree and grades are super important, employers like to see that you have practical experience in a workplace environment. Make sure you know how to really sell it on your CV by talking about specific projects you worked on and successes you achieved
  • A foot in the door of a company or industry – For some competitive sectors, particularly the media and creative industries, internships can help you secure your dream job. Even if you don’t get a job offer at the end of it, you’ll likely be remembered when applying there in future
  • Workplace confidence – Use your time in the office to familiarise yourself with the ways of the workplace and try to treat it like a real job. This will do wonders for your confidence when you do step into the working world. 

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