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The Private School Formula

With their extensive pastoral experience supporting students during their personal development at leading independent schools, our mentors tailor guidance to each student individually. Working alongside one of our mentors enables you as a family to benefit from expert insight and guidance at each stage of your child’s academic journey.


Building Academic Profiles

Mentors begin by understanding your child’s strengths, interests and motivations, as well as exploring where they can lead. We then expose them to broader possibilities to stretch their aspirations and start developing their longer-term goals. Ideally, this process will begin during their early teenage years.

Over time, mentors guide and encourage students in their personal development and passions to build stand-out personal and academic profiles aimed at achieving their goals. We align the mentor’s experience with your child’s goals, this is often attending a particular university or studying a specific course.


A Student - Centered Approach

Your child and their goals are at the centre of all our decisions

Your Child and Their Goals
We work with you as a family to understand your child and help find their educational and career goals.
Tailored Guidance
Your mentor brings forward valuable information to guide your child towards achieving their goals.
Our deep network in education and industry enables us to connect you with the best professionals to support at every stage.
Academic Support
Your mentor monitors your child’s progress in line with meeting their goals and provides encouragement every step of the way.
Communicating with Parents
We are always in regular contact with our families to keep them updated on next steps and answer their questions.


Tailored Support

Each mentor is hand-picked to match their subject expertise and experience to the student’s university and career aspirations. Our mentors provide consistent guidance and encouragement, enabling students to flourish and reach their full potential.

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