Welcome To Manara Education

Sixth Form Placement Specialists

Welcome To Manara Education

Sixth Form Placement Specialists
An education consultancy with one foot rooted in the educational institutional world and the other firmly planted in the camp of the student / parent.
A bridge between the best schools and colleges the UK has to offer, and students not knowing where their future lies. Independent and unbiased advice.


School Placement

Our Schools Admission services are built on a unique network of educational professionals working in Britain’s’ leading public schools.

Private Tuition

We embrace a student-centred approach focused on developing your child’s knowledge and confidence

Relocation Services

Relocating from one place to another can be both an exciting adventure and a daunting task.

Student mentoring

With their extensive pastoral experience supporting students during their personal development at leading independent schools

School League Tables

At Manara Education, we understand that choosing the right school is a pivotal decision for every family. That’s why our private school league tables are meticulously organized into specific categories. Click the button below to view the 2023 results league table

UK Schooling System

This website is concerned only with independent, fee-paying schools which educate around 10% of children in the UK, so the explanation below refers to the various school types and curriculum stages within the independent, or private, sector.

Manara Education EXCELLENCE

Leading Independent Schools and Colleges

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